High Performance Computing – Useful Links

  • Blog – A record of all past emails sent out to users
  • Quick Start – If you are new to HPC@Mines or want a refresher, this will get you running your first programs
  • Hardware – Good starting place for getting machine and architecture specific information
  • Software – Good starting place for getting information about various software entities in HPC@Mines
  • File System Info – This gives users an explanation of where to save the different types of files you create and use
  • Compiling x86 – This gives an explanation of how to compile your code to get the best portability/speed up for you
  • HPC Linux – Tutorial for doing HPC using Linux
  • Charge Accounts – Description of how to use the HPC@Mines accounting/charge system
  • BlueM Info – A page showing off all the stats of the BlueM super-computer