Using Charge Accounts

HPC@Mines:BlueM uses an accounting system to manage and report back users/accounts use of the system.  Once you are given an allocation, you will have to assign your jobs with certain accounting information.  Accounting is done for all runs on Aun and Mc2.  That is, an parallel run must be “charged” to a particular account.

For people who only have a single project your default charge account is set to that project.

We will provide simpler accounting commands in the near future.
However for now you can see your current accounts by running the following command on either Aun or Mc2.

sacctmgr list association cluster=mc2 user=$LOGNAME format=User,Account%20


This will return a list of your accounts.  You can then see the association between your account number and your project title by running the following command, replacing ACCOUNT_NUMBER with the values from the previous command.

sacctmgr list account ACCOUNT_NUMBER format=Account%20,Descr%50


You can charge to a particular account by adding the line to your batch script:


Please note that the “none” account is not a valid account and cannot be used to run jobs.
You do not currently need an account number to run on Mio.