HPC@Mines Programming x86


Because of how HPC@CSM uses modules to setup your environment, you will not see a significant change across the different platforms.  However, there are a few key differences this page seeks to layout the key aspects associated with HPC@CSM x86 systems.  For more general programming information (including MPI/OpenMP) checkout the HPC@CSM Computing Software page.  This page also assumes you have already completed the Quick Start Guide and thus have a pretty solid understanding of how our systems work.


One important thing to note is that while both Golden and most of Mio use x86 chips, they each use a different generation of chips and can have slightly more optimized binarys.  You can always use an old binary on a new system, but the new binarys tend to have significant speedup.

The biggest discrepetancy between the new and old is in respect to a vector library.  There are two version of this, giving you four options.

  • First, force the use of the old (Much slower to run)
    ifort -O3 -msse4.2 stf_00.f90
  • Second, force the use of the new
    ifort -O3 -mavx stf_00.f90
  • Third, use both (creates a larger files, slightly slower to run) (Suggested for all Mio runs/Golden runs)
    ifort -O3 -axavx stf_00.f90
  • Fourth, default (Ok if only running on Golden)
    ifort -O3 -stf_00.f90